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You know that they will fire you ...

Veröffentlicht am 28.07.2020

… when you, towards the end of the month, receive a meeting invitation from an HR manager that you don’t know, the title of the meeting is “F2F meeting”, no hint about what. You ask why, and you get the meaningful answer, the meeting is “about the next steps”.

Cool – this has a trifle more style than my last lay-off … which took place on the phone. (Do not get me wrong: six jobs in 34 years, and this is the second time I get fired. Although, last time it was technically a mutual “contract termination agreement” in the end – so technically it is the first time that I ever get fired).

The meeting itself was rather … well, I am still trying to find an attribute that is both appropriate and printable. She was so very sorry, our young HR manager, but unfortunately there are no projects they could put me in. She recommended to have an early retirement.

Early retirement? With 60?! I had looked into that topic before and calculated roughly that I have to work until the last day so that it works financially. So I mentioned that early retirement is not an option at all. No, no, said our young, motivated HR manager, obviously an expert and prepared for this meeting in detail (*irony meter: full-scale deflection*) – I should talk to Mr Mhatchamacallit from the Thingummy Insurance Company.

Mr Whatchamacallit from the Thingummy Insurance Company then explained to me that the Swiss pension insurance does not pay anything until you are 63. What would come from the Swiss Pensionskasse would be a bit too much to die, but by far not enough to live.

I am always pleased when people treat me with respect and fairness – but this makes me angry. This was a slap in my face.

Talking about fairness: On the following day they reached out to me and agreed that this had not been going as it should have. But it is like it is, they said. A real apology I did not hear, though.

OK, let’s wait for the written notice.



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